Herbal Alchemists

From the wilds of Ojai, to our biodynamic backyard medicinal herb garden,
the foundation of Some Love is the hand-harvested, fresh-from-the-field
medicinal plants that are infused into our herbal salves.
With a formal education in ethnobotany, through years of running an organic farm, and studies of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, our diverse skill set allows us to produce salves that help your body to restore balance.
We make products that we use ourselves and on our families.  Every step of our  process is done by hand, using organic ingredients of the highest quality.  Mastery of herbal alchemy allows us to make luxurious salves without any chemicals or additives.
We guarantee you will love our products or your money back.
Some Love is a small business run by real people, Adam and Phoebe.  We honor
the entirety of life by harnessing the healing power of plants to help people rediscover their vitality.  Located in Ojai, California, our botanical paradise provides us all the
plant medicine we could ever need.
We are always happy to hear from our customers: