Tattoo Balm - Herbal Alchemy for your Body Art

An herbally-enriched, unscented, cashmere-smooth salve that brightens every tattoo. Revive old tattoos and give your new ones the love they deserve to look their best.  Your tattoo is living art for a lifetime, nourish it to always look its best.

Proper tattoo care will make the difference between a faded tattoo and a brilliant piece that draws admirers to your body art.  A picture is worth a thousand words-

Proper tattoo care makes colors brights, lines darker, and body art that lasts a lifetime

Care for your tattoo, new or old, with premium body care oils infused with the alchemy of medicinal herbs to ensure your investment looks its best.  Our special proprietary formula of organically grown medicinal herbs gives your tattoo care regime a unique advantage that was known to the ancient Greeks, and is just as valuable today.

The use of Hypericum has its roots in Ancient Greek alchemy, where the word literally translates as "Elevator of Health", and was written about by the father of Western medicine, Galen, in the second century A.D.  Modern scientific research has validated this ancient knowledge through the discovery of the components Hypericin and Hyperforin, both of which have been proven to be effective in healing damaged skin tissue.  

Hypericum aka St. Johns Wort reduces scars to brighten tattoo ink

One of the primary reasons that tattoos fade with time is that scar tissue forms in the skin, obscuring the underlying ink.  Hypericum reduces scarring in the skin, so that your tattoo ink can shine through to the surface, resulting in more vibrant colors and darker lines.

Shea Butter contains essential Vitamins A, C, and E, all of which hydrate the skin and eliminate any appearance of surface scaling through their natural antioxidants.  When blended with apricot kernel oil, the vitamins in shea butter are absorbed deeply into the skin tissues, delivering nourishing fatty oils to a depth that enhances the brightness of your tattoo ink.

Shea butter comes from Butyrospermum parkii tree, grown with sustainable agroforestry

Using shea butter promotes sustainable agriculture, as the cultivation of its parent tree, Butyrospermum parkii, can be done in conjunction with other important food crops.  Shea butter harvesting encourages local farmers to maintain tree cover in their agricultural fields, reducing soil and water losses while generating valuable cashflow for subsistence farmers throughout West Africa, the native home of the tree.

Care for yourself and your body art in a natural way that utilizes the magical properties of traditional healing herbs.  Your tattoo will thank you; your lover will not be able to take their eyes off of you.

Organic Ingredients: Fresh medicinal herbs infused into apricot kernel oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and beeswax.