Muscle Balm - Warmth and Circulation to Speed Healing

Modeled after the classic tiger balm, our muscle balm uses medicinal herbs rather than chemicals to increase circulation to fatigued muscles. Chinese herbal principles and native medicinal plants warm tired muscles with the heat of a gentle massage.

This heating compound adds a master's touch to any massage or acupressure treatment.  By continuing to support and promote circulation, our muscle balm allows the healing to continue long after the appointment is finished.

Muscle balm warms the skin and promotes circulation to enhance massage and acupressure treatments

Rosemary has been used specifically for muscle pain and increasing circulation for centuries.  Research published in 2010, in the journal Phytomedicine, concluded that rosemary oil completely suppressed muscle spasms, and by affecting nerve receptors it both increases local blood circulation and reduces pain.

Wild harvesting black sage for its pain relieving properties

Freshly harvested and biodynamically grown, our rosemary receives optimal care at every step of the growing process.  The health of the plant, the minerals in the soil, the skill of the farmer, and the timing of the harvest all contribute to the quality of medicine.  Some love being with the plants from seed to seal, we are those ones.

Native Americans esteemed tobacco as a spiritual plant long before chemical cigarettes.  Tobacco was known to be a healer on the spiritual level, and was relied upon for its unique powers in each and every healing ceremony.  The value of true, traditional tobacco cannot be measured in material terms.  Tobacco is a spirit plant.  Tobacco also stimulates the skin as a micro-irritant or 'rubificant', increasing blood circulation as evidenced by a slight reddening of the skin surface.  Increased circulation brings in fresh blood and oxygen, promoting tissue healing.

Homegrown organic tobacco, harvested fresh, to be cured and infused in oil for relieving muscle soreness.

Cannabis is a plant with an even more unfortunately loaded history than tobacco, perhaps.  The explosion of scientific research that has emerged in the wake of marijuana decriminalization has proven with zero doubt that the Cannabidiol in cannabis known as 'CBD oil', has incredible anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.  CBDs are perfectly suited to topical delivery, as they pass readily through the skin and into the bloodstream, allowing targeted delivery of herbal medicine directly to the areas in need.

Warming cinnamon oil is best for stimulating acupressure points after massage therapy

The delicious flavors of traditional spices in our food come from the volatile oils of plants such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and chiles.  Capsaicim from chiles, eugenol from cloves, sabinene from nutmeg; we infuse these aromatics into our warming muscle balm.  In the same way that these oils stimulate our palate, research has shown that they also stimulate our blood and nerves, increasing circulation and reducing inflammation.  Plus, they smell heavenly, like an improved, all-natural tiger balm.

Organic Ingredients- Fresh medicinal herbs infused in apricot kernel oil, sesame oil, castor oil, beeswax, and clove essential oil.