Joint Balm - Cooling Relief for Pain and Inflammation

Pain relief from skin application of Artemisia californica occurs in 20 minutes.  The particular monoterpenoids in California artemisia easily penetrate the skin, where they then disrupt the neural pathway for pain by inhibiting transient receptor potential cation channels.  Treat your pain where it is happening, and feel relief almost immediately.

The medicinal properties of wild harvested California artemisia have been validated by the National Institute of Health through the research of Dr. James Adams at USC.  California artemisia is a medically validated pain reliever that has the power to eliminate the need for toxic oral pain medications.  Read the full study at 

Wild harvesting California sagebrush herb for use in pain relief Joint Balm

Treat your pain where it is happening, and feel relief almost immediately.


Wintergreen essential oil is classically cooling, reducing inflammation and draining away the heat from injuries and arthritis. Methyl salicylate from wintergreen has an anesthetic effect on the nerves.  Direct application of this salicylate to the source of your pain is a much safer and more effective way to treat pain than ingesting aspirin, a salicylate-derived pharmaceutical.  Plants are the original source of nearly all the chemicals used in pills today; we can go back to the source, using herbal remedies directly on the parts of the body that need some love.

Wintergreen essential oil comes from this humble, small, medicinal plant of the forest

The recent wave of peer-reviewed scientific literature that validates many traditional uses of medicinal herbs is exciting and over-due, to say the least.  A 2012-published clinical overview of topical applications of comfrey herb validated what herbalists have known for centuries: Comfrey makes joint injuries and bruises heal faster.  Read the full text at

Comfrey yields the anti-inflammatory compound allantoin, and grows as a great companion in the organic orchard

Extracting the allantoin and rosmarinic acid compounds from comfrey have specific requirements.  The same is true of the oil extraction we perform on all the medicinal herbs we grow and harvest; each herb has its own specific processing requirements.  This is where the art meets the science, and our experience extracting plant medicine allows us to make the highest quality oil extracts for our salves.

Why white sage?  Because the Chumash, whose coastal mountain home is now ours, used white sage to enhance the medicinality of all of all other herbs.  White sage was said to be their everything, and that daily use of white sage kept all members of society calm, rational, and productive.  When we have an injury, white sage is there to calm the nerves, and to allow our body to be healed by plant medicine.

White sage enhances the medicinal properties of other herbs used in a formula

Where do we get these potent plant medicines for infusion into our salve?  We grow them, ourselves, from seed, on our biodynamic micro farm.  Our herbs are better than organic, fresher than anything available on the market, and picked at the peak of their potency for maximum power.  The quality of the herbs in Some Love salves is the absolute best.


Organic Ingredients- Fresh medicinal herbs infused in apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, and wintergreen essential oil.