Chest Balm - Vapor Rub for Sinus and Breathing

Breath deeply once again thanks to the power of aromatic medicinal herbs. Our chest balm has both an anti-spasmodic effect to quell irritating coughs, and a dilating effect to open the sinuses. Think of it as a natural version of a vapor rub, with the extra invigorating properties of freshly harvested medicinal herbs.

Chest Balm with Ancient Healing Temple

Our unique formula works both by absorption through the skin, and by inhalation into the lungs and sinuses.  We recommend applying our chest balm to the chest, throat, and beneath the nose.  These locations encourage full benefits from both absorption and inhalation.  At night, rubbing the chest balm into the soles of the feet targets key acupuncture points from Traditional Chinese Medicine, further working to soothe the respiratory system.

The use of steam baths has long been popular for treatment of respiratory illness.  This traditional healing technique similarly benefits from the direct inhalation of plant vapors into the lungs.  In modern times, the ability to effectively extract essential oils from plant material allows for even more potent plant medicine.  

juniper essential oil from fresh berries

Juniper, also known as cedar, is a tree worshiped for its purifying qualities across the world.  The essential oil of juniper is antiseptic, both on a physical and a spiritual level.  Think of the sweet scented air in a grove of juniper trees, that is pure air.

Camphor is closely related to cinnamon, and similarly it is the bark of the camphor tree that is utilized for its aromatic essential oil.  The scent of camphor is light and penetrating.  Camphor is a magician in character, with the way it finds its way into constricted sinus passages, unlocking the tight and inflamed tissues.

camphor essential oil from ancient tree

Organic Ingredients- Fresh medicinal herbs infused in apricot kernel oil, neem oil, beeswax, camphor essential oil, and juniper essential oil.