Why Harvesting Flowers at the Summer Solstice makes the Best Medicine

Why Harvesting Flowers at the Summer Solstice makes the Best Medicine

Following the annual sun cycle is central to growing and harvesting of all plants.  As the days of Springtime grow in length, so too to plants harvest more energy from the daily increase in sunshine.  By the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, plants are at maximum photosynthesis.  The deep green color of plant leaves at this time of year indicates healthy chlorophyll that is efficiently converting sunshine into plant sugars.

We can measure the levels of plant sugars in a given plant with a brix meter.  Brix is a measure of how much sugar is present in the plant sap.  Plants with higher brix levels grow more vigorously, repel pests, and produce more essential oils.  This is the measurable science that shows plants are more healthy and vigorous at the Summer Solstice than later on in the Summer.  

On a more human level, the rise in plant energy at the Summer Solstice is simply the apex of the annual cycle of life.  During Winter, less sunshine means less energy production.  Plants grow more slowly, and are focused on conserving their resources, awaiting the longer days of Springtime.  

So why harvest flowers for plant medicine on the Summer Solstice?  Because they are busting with energy, peaking in plant sugars, and rich with the metabolic compounds that make the most potent medicine.  

Using only fresh herbs, harvested in harmony with the seasons, ensures that our plant medicine is premium potency.  

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