Tobacco is Good Medicine

Tobacco is Good Medicine

Tobacco is good for you. When it is grown in a biodynamic garden, with appreciation for its spiritual significance, tobacco is good medicine.

Most people have never seen the vibrant green sheen of a growing tobacco leaf. Tobacco loves the sun more than any other garden plant, and is the most verdant plant in the midday sun.

Fresh tobacco leaf is an excellent external medicine for insect bites and stings. Mash up a small bit of leaf into a juicy poultice and apply directly to the irritation. Pain and swelling are instantly reduced.

Tobacco is native to the Americas, and the native peoples of this land regarded tobacco as irreplaceable for its value in gaining favor with the spirit world. This dimension of tobacco is not understood by western culture, and deserves further inquiry by plant people of all backgrounds. What is the value of tobacco to your spiritual life?

Soaking in a tobacco footbath relieves pain and relaxes the body. This is exactly the effect we want our Muscle Balm to have. Tobacco is infused into this circulation increasing compound to heal and soothe sore and aching muscles.

Curing tobacco for smoking is one of the fine agricultural arts. For proper curing, the leaves must dry at the perfect rate, so that fermentation and dehydration can occur simultaneously. If the leaves dry too fast, the smoke is thin and harsh, worthless for business or pleasure. If the leaves dry too slow, fermentation will undesirably accelerate into rot and mold. In the South, tobacco curing historically required heated buildings to offset the intense humidity. In the arid West, we must slow the rate of drying to ensure a premium quality cure.

In hand is a perfectly cured plug of nicotiana rustica, wild tobacco. Tobacco grows readily in the garden and requires about three months from seed to harvest. Last year's success forms the inspiration for this year's care.

Touching something more than I understand. Feeling edified for the experience.


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