The Sweet Spot - Microclimate Perfection

The Sweet Spot - Microclimate Perfection

For the summer solstice, we joined Lanny Kaufer with Herbwalks for a hike on Pine Mtn outside Ojai.  From the summit 7000 feet above sea level we had a view out over the pacific ocean, and could count three of the channel islands in the distance.  The biodiversity in this watershed is amazing.

Our climate depends on distance from the ocean.  The ocean moderates the temperatures, so that the coast in Ventura is cool and mild year round.  As you move inland, the desert heat of the central valley begins to cut into the moist coastal air.  Too close to the coast is too cool for plants to produce optimal levels of essential oils and fruit sugars.  Too far inland and the searing desert heat is too severe for any plants not specifically adapted to the desert.

We live in the sweet spot here in Ojai.  The ocean is close enough to moderate the heat of summer and the freezes of winter.  We get a few light frosts in January, and are assuredly frost-free by the first of March.  Our spring gives way to a paradise summer, perfect for the peak potency of the medicinal plants we grow.  15 miles from the coast is the sweet spot for growing the widest variety and highest quality plant medicine.

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