Natural Sunscreen : Get Covered Up

Natural Sunscreen : Get Covered Up

Two hours of solid surfing, and the sunscreen leaves the face feeling smoother than before your surf.  Coconut oil and shea butter protect and moisturize the skin, and combined with mineral zinc oxide provide an SPF of 25.  Beeswax acts as our water-proofing agent, so the sunscreen can rub in smooth and stay on in the ocean.  

My skin is too fair to surf without sunscreen.  Hats are great on land but hard when the surf is up.  Natural sunscreen has been a long-aspired goal, and it feels great to have developed such a premium formula.  

Hope to see you at Surf Rodeo in Ventura, July 16-17.  Big party on beach, soaking up the sun, and serving up a whole lot of the best sunscreen you have ever had on your skin.

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