From seed to salve, we grow, tend, and harvest our organic medicinal herb garden in Ojai, California.  Our subtropical climate allows us to farm dozens of choice species from all over the world.  Biodynamic growing principles give our plants the highest possible levels of medicinal compounds.

Following ancient traditions rooted in Ayurveda, the medicinal properties of these plants are extracted into specialty carrier oils.  We use wild-harvested apricot kernel oil as our carrier, for its high antioxidant levels and superior absorbency into the skin.

Medicinal apothecary for herbal healing alchemy

Compound formulas based on Western herbalism and Chinese Traditional Medicine give each of our products a unique set of healing properties.  

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies, and readily transfers oils from the surface, deep into our bodies.  This enables our salves and balms to deliver herbal medicine into the body, through the skin.  Herbal medicine can be applied where it is needed most, directly on the body.

Infusing medicinal flowers into apricot kernel oil

Our salves are further enhanced by the addition of nutraceutical grade vegetable oils such as jojoba, evening primrose, avocado, and sesame.  These oils soothe and nourish the skin, leaving your tissues healthy and protected.

Pure essential oils complete our formulas.  The unique properties of aromatic herbs are often best utilized in this form, which concentrates the most medicinal parts of the plant.  Aromatherapy benefits are also incorporated into the formulation of our salves, from the cooling wintergreen aroma of our joint balm, to the purifying juniper scent of our healing salve.

Straining infused medicinal oils for salve making

Some Love grew our of our love of plants.  After years of sharing our herbal alchemy with our friends and families, we were excited to offer our salves to more people looking for natural, plant-based ways to nourish and revitalize their bodies.

We are Adam and Phoebe, the love behind Some Love, and we hope to grow our love of medicinal plants into the lives of plant-minded people worldwide.

Adam and Phoebe, owners of Some Love 

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